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"There are passages in this book that perfectly capture what it was like to work for a newspaper when print journalism mattered.


This is a favorite: 'Getting the big, fast-breaking disaster story is what journalists live for. It challenges and excites them. It transforms the newsroom into a military command post — or Pearl Harbor. It is terror. It is anxiety. It is strain. It is desperation, split-second decisions and no regrets.


It is fun.'

Great kicker, Stu."

 -Beth Gillin

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter (retired)

About Stu

Stu Bykofsky was a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News until 2019.


Hired as features editor in 1972, he became a columnist in 1987 when he began writing the popular “Byko” gossip column, which ran four times a week. Celebrity focused, often controversial, it was one of the most widely read columns in the city.


Stu Bykofsky | Columnist & Author


For orders or questions contact Stu Bykofsky at Byko Media LLC:

1326 Spruce Street, Suite 2405, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107


Or email Stu at:

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